Why I only watch shows and movies about disabled people with actual disabled actors

This is an issue I never even considered before I became disabled in 2016. No judgement here if that’s you too, but if after reading this short and sweet diddy...if it hasn’t at least opened your mind a bit about how absolutely little disability is portrayed in the media (and usually it’s seen as a “bad” or “devastating” thing)—then I don’t know if I can help. But I’ll try!

The Great Now What on World Stroke Day

Personally I am very excited for this incredible documentary because:

  1. Maggie is my brain twin (which is what I like to say because we have the same rare diagnoses: CCM and HOD!) and I’ll be rooting for her until the cows come home…which is always because I don’t own any, plus, I hear they’re bad apartment pets…

The Power Of Yetting

‘I’m not able to leave bed yet today, maybe later.’ ‘Can you do (x, y, z thing) for me? My body/brain isn’t able yet, thanks.’

Today’s challenge: try to make the word “yet” a part of your ability vocabulary. Examples: I can’t do this (and/or insert activity here) yet. My body isn’t yet ready for doing that. No, I haven’t tried that yet, thanks for the suggestion.