The Great Now What on World Stroke Day

Personally I am very excited for this incredible documentary because:

  1. Maggie is my brain twin (which is what I like to say because we have the same rare diagnoses: CCM and HOD!) and I’ll be rooting for her until the cows come home…which is always because I don’t own any, plus, I hear they’re bad apartment pets…

The Power Of Yetting

‘I’m not able to leave bed yet today, maybe later.’ ‘Can you do (x, y, z thing) for me? My body/brain isn’t able yet, thanks.’

Today’s challenge: try to make the word “yet” a part of your ability vocabulary. Examples: I can’t do this (and/or insert activity here) yet. My body isn’t yet ready for doing that. No, I haven’t tried that yet, thanks for the suggestion.

Everyday I'm stumblin'

I rode in the car the other week and we went on a clover leaf on-ramp. I felt like I was a jar of Kool Aid and all my juice (blood) rushed to one side of my body. I seriously had no idea what to do.

It's My 2-Year Brain-a-versary

I couldn’t picture what my 2-year brain-a-versary would look like a year and a half ago.

To be absolutely, completely honest, I can’t say that I’m doing a whole lot better than I was in 2016 either.

But, when I really thought about why I’d want to celebrate my life getting flipped, turned upside down (announced on social media link), it all comes down to this: I listened to my body and I went in.

It’s so simple, but it obviously turned out to be a really big deal.

Trust yourself, your body always knows what’s up.