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Spoon Theory

Spoon Theory

So I wanted to share these things I made because I think Spoon Theory is important, and also, I get asked a lot about it. In my opinion, brain injury, especially CCM and HOD, are invisible chronic illnesses. That means you can't see them (invisible), they're always there (chronic, and there's no cure), and illness in my case has to do with functionality due to hemorrhage.

I am friends on social media with a lot of chronic illness peeps (Spoonies) who have at least one chronic illness. Quick sidenote: on Facebook, My iBFF Sunshine Club has many members with all sorts of them. I thoroughly enjoy it, and if you're a Spoonie or think you'd be a good fit (read the description to see if it's for you), come on down--we'd love to have you.

Anyway, there are way too many to list here, but if you check out Healthline and want to see some chronic illnesses, check out the health topics, link here. Strangely, we have quite a few symptoms in common with the biggest one being low energy.

I spent a lot of spoons on both of these and I think at least one of them does a better job of explaining than I could just with my writing.

First infographic:

This next one is something I recently made and am really psyched about it! I got the idea from all the "find your holiday elf name" images you can find by doing a simple Something Search (that was an Arrested Development reference for anyone who appreciates that sorta thing, ha) or Google Search and see for yourself. They're usually a little cheesy, but fun nonetheless.

Comment with your spoonie name below! I'm Achy McPillbox, nice to meet ya'.

Second infographic:

Well, I'm all out of spoons for now, but hopefully tomorrow I'll get lucky and refuel to MAX spoon level!


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