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Meditation is for hippy mama woowoo's & you!

Meditation is for hippy mama woowoo's & you!

Do I have meditation to thank for finally listening to my body and going into my doctor after many months of odd neurological symptoms?

Absolutely I do.

Here's the backstory:

I had first started yoga about 10 years ago, and I spiritually craved more. I eventually became level 1 certified to teach meditation, and you'd better believe I did it with my Adult ESL students (usually standing or short walking). It was awesome connecting to the present while working, adulting, and being a human. Not all the time, it's a continual practice, but I tried!

I even flew out to L.A. twice to deepen my yoga (Tantra) and meditation practice! It was magical, yummy, and all sorts of things all my new age bff's would say.

That was then.

Now, it's physically difficult to be on the floor,

so I use my couch or bed. Holding mudras (hand positions) is difficult so I put my palms on my thighs. Instead of being in silence I use both a white noise machine and music to drown out the high-pitched ringing (and also drumbeats) of tinnitus that started after my brain bleed and is now one of my most consistent friends. 

Ooops, sorry, I mean symptoms. One of my most consistent symptoms.

I went from chakra-spirit-seeker to physically-stunted-and-emotionally-out-of-practice-meditator.

The point is: meditation is for literally everyone

I have crystals/oils, and think astrology is fun, so I guess you can call me a bit of a hippy new age mama woowoo queen. I'll gladly take it!

But, after my brain injury (aka rare brain diseases), it's very difficult to have a personal practice, let alone engage in rituals, classes, and events like I once did.

And that's ok!

Adapting to new environments and other things is part of the schtick, and I think I am nailing it as much as I can with this shit hand, amirite? Guess what? You can nail this part of life too.

Here are some of my fave things to get you started:

  • Insight Timer app
  • H*nest Meditation app (NSFW good for those new/skeptical/people-who-appreciate-cursing) 
  • You can also Google or YouTube: 'Guided Meditations', there are about a zillion.


  • Do it your way; adapt and modify as necessary.
  • There is no wrong way to meditate. 
  • An example: Start by closing your eyes (either sitting with feet on the floor, or sitting on the floor with your legs crossed, palms resting on your thighs either up or down) and sit for 5 minutes and listen to your breath. <--if this doesn't do it for you, see above.
  • It takes a bit of practice to see results--the whole patience thing is kinda part of it too, so...(enhancing life-skills high five!)
  • There are a ton of meditation benefits, especially for your brain! Just google 'Meditation' and you'll see what I mean!

Stop overthinking & keep it simple, sweetheart.

Sometimes meditation is getting really caught up in a song you love. Sometimes, it's at the end of a yoga class. Sometimes, it's sitting quietly on the couch for 20 minutes without falling asleep. Sometimes, it's painting or coloring or writing down all the things you are grateful for. Sometimes, it's sitting on a park bench watching the world go by...becoming fascinated even.

Whatever it means for you, you should do that. And I don't use the word 'should' very often!


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