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Wrapping Presents

Wrapping Presents

Hi BFFs! I’m still here!

Tis’ the season to be blogging I guess! Have you heard of Blogmas? It involves blogging EVERY day in December with some type of holiday flare, which I am obviously not doing. It’s a lot of work, and there’s no way I’m putting together enough good feels for any new and hilarious content. Way to go if you participate in this challenge though, for real, it’s so much work!

BUT I remembered that I actually do have some holiday content! I may not be blogging my way into your home with SO much new stuff, though I am confident this little video might just put a smile on your cute little face:

“Wrapping Presents” by The Waitresses, 10/10 it’s my favorite Christmas tune!

And here’s a bonus: the holiday card that was hella worth all the work (steps!) it took to make. It’s me! Dressed as my alter-gnome-ego “Birdbeard Von Toadstool”, in my ultra creative and homemade/sister-made Halloween costume (it even incorporated my wheelchair!).

I just might have energy to tell you about both the insane amount of steps involved with over 30 snail mail things, plus the best Halloween costume ever, sometime!

I sincerely hope you enjoy whatever holiday you are celebrating this season, (godspeed if you are celebrating Blogmas!) and a happy 2019 to us all!



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Disability and Disabled Are Not Bad Words

Disability and Disabled Are Not Bad Words