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Top 10 series to watch on Netflix

Top 10 series to watch on Netflix

So if you're like me, Netflix plays a big role in your life. Honestly, it's my go-to distraction from my symptoms that (much of the time) leave me couch-bound...so right now basically everyday.

I put together the following list; and let me tell ya', it wasn't easy but it was fun. Add yours and comment below!

The genres are all over the place, but I wanted to make sure that I share with you my guilty pleasures that happen to be really well done (acting, score, cinematography) and/or just plain good. I can't watch any creepy or scary shows, but I hope you enjoy this mixed list. Hope you find your next show to power-watch!

e-Lo's top 10 series to Netflix and still

10) The Great British Baking Show

  • It's the kindest reality series on television and in my opinion one of the most addicting. I am still trying to figure out what they get if they win. It can't simply be bragging rights...or can it? Either way, it's really well done. I feel like Mary Berry is going to break her teeth every time she tries something, and also I love her.

9) Friends

  • This is a classic go-to when I want background noise, and can handle a show with a laugh-track. I think I've gone through the series at least thrice. After watching as an adult, I can say with certainty that I identify most with Phoebe. 

8) The Good Place

  • This show is really good. Ted Danson, Kristen Bell, and the rest of the cast and concept are great. It's even better when you watch with no commercials! (The first season anyway)

7) iZombie 

  • I can't believe I am so into this show, but the concept is pretty creative. Friendly zombie coroner who helps detectives solve homicides of brains she eats. Enough said! (You'd think I'd be much more grossed out by brain related things, but actually it helps to keep it light!)

6) Lemony Snickets: A Series of Unfortunate Events

  • First of all I don't know how this is labeled a kid's show. There are parts that are hella creepy to me. Acting, concept, cinematography, everything A+. Can't wait for the next season!

5) Master of None

  • I loved Aziz since I saw him doing live standup in Red Wing, MN years ago. You guys. This series is amazing!!!! I can't over hype it enough. Great music, cinematography, acting, and amazing writing. 

4) Orange is the New Black

  • So good. It tackles so many issues and is so well done! Plus there are a lot of episodes so for anyone needing to chill on the couch; this dramedy is a good one to get into.

3) Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

  • A well done show. The acting isn't great but the music is hilarious. The female lead, Rachel, is a rockstar lawyer, and kind of a mess in her personal life. It's tré relatable. As long as you don't take it too seriously, this is a great 'painsomnia' (insomnia caused by pain, just like it sounds) distraction, and it brings up some topical issues. Win-win?

2) The Office

  • Another classic. I never got into the original Office UK (it's on my list to try again) but this series is one of my faves. Bears, beets, battle...I've watched this entire series more than 5 times. So. funny.

1) Santa Clarita Diet

  • I may be a little too into this hilariously gory, funny, amazing show. Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant are so funny. And yes, it is a spoof on suburban family life so at first it's supposed to be cheesy. I LOVE THIS SHOW.

Honestly there are more, but these are the few I get really excited about watching over again, and even more so when a new season comes out.

Do you have favorite shows or movies you think I should add to the list or I should watch?

Drop a comment below!


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